Tuesday, 11 March 2014


A Good Opening to your presentation

Words Work Wonders
Steve Jobs
Playing with the word air
"There is something in the air.What is it?"
Reinforcing the Quality of apple notebook
"Apple makes the best notebook on the planet 
Differentiating the MacBook
"....a third kind of notebook called the Macbook Air."
Simple and yet Powerful Description
"In a sentence, it's the world's thinnest notebook."
You need to have a script that will hook your audience

Setting up for the kill with impactful visuals

Show competitor's specs,best in the industry
and tells the audience that there is a even better one

Represent using a visual to show how thin is the macbook air is

WOW! Moment and the real thing

Showing the unexpected and excite with the real thing

What is most important in a presentation?

The presenter

the presenter can have the best slides, the best microphone, the best shirt.
but if he/she is not passionate, the presentation will still not be engaging

Presenter Traits

Knows his products well
Speak slowly, clearly and confidentially

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