Sunday, 30 March 2014

What we learnt today

Durwa’s group- The end of homosapiens
-Universe Implode
-Scientific Accidents
-Natural Disasters
-Not Enough babies
-Nuclear Attacks
-Eye contact
-Not too serious
Sidd’s Group- Wars that could end civilization
Potential Weapons
-Chemical Weapons
-Nuclear Weapons
-Biological Weapons
-Space Projectiles
-Everybody talking at the same time
-Talking among themselves/ Mumbling
Xavien’s Group- Racial Extremism
-Mankind vs Religion
Jaishree’s Group
Water Shortages
-Affecting humans, animals, plants
-Not enough water
-Happening in the bio-sphere
-because water wastage, pollution
-Less than 1% of earth is drinkable
Destruction of life in the ocean
-Happening because overfishing, pollution, global warming
-Solution: don’t litter/ use less fossil fuels

-A lot of slides

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