Saturday, 8 March 2014

How to do a presentation

How to do a great presentation

Basically I'm gonna to advise you how to do a great presentation (like Steve Jobs)

1- Plan and rehearse for your upcoming presentation
(You need to know what are you going to say and when to say it)

2- Use words like revolutionary, amazing, unbelievable, incredible etc.
(This will WOW the audience and attracting their attention)

3-Make good videos and ads about your new product.
(It will let the consumers know how your product works and how great it is)

4-Add more graphs and charts and pictures
(Your consumers will be expecting pictures, as reading out word by word can lead to boredom)

5- Give your consumers a surprise
(If you have improved your features and design from your previous or you are going to introduce a new product, don't show them just yet, but put it a special, clean envelope and open them live in front of the audience. And say this, "Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... The new ____________. " The audience will go "WOAH!"

6. Have confidence in presenting.
(You are standing in front of a large audience, and the reporters are present and doing a report. And you need to say something that is related to the topic of your presentation with confience)

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