Wednesday, 23 July 2014

3 Good Points for Each Poster (the 3 points must be different for each poster))

3 good points for each poster but they must be different.


  1. First poster

    1. Nice poster background which relates to the objective because it is grass and they are talking about plants.
    2. Simple background makes it easier to read the words
    3. Simple font used for words

    2nd Poster
    1) Simple background used, only one colour
    2) Creative way of making a chair out of words
    3) More visual than texts(related visuals like sleeping z’s)

  2. The watering device poster has a light colour background used.The thought procedure in this picture is highlighted in a orderly manner.There is a balance of words and pictures used.

    The way the words are arranged in the shock wave chair is highlighting the purpose.The background and font colour is contrasting.The poster is straight forward as it highlights its main point.

  3. Poster 1
    - Nice and soothing background that is easy on the eyes.
    - Text is easy to read yet stylish.
    - Clearly divided into different components, so easy to understand
    Poster 2
    - Creative placing of the words into a seat shape, which reflects the product.
    - Nice imput of visuals (man icon sitting on chair of words)
    - Creative title that represents a wave, corresponding to the product's name (shockwave chair)

  4. first poster:
    1. step by step explanation of how the product is used
    2. color of background and text boxes match
    3. space of the poster is well-used

    second poster
    1. main text is used creatively to resemble product's shape
    2. icons are used to make poster look attractive
    3. simple and easy to read fonts are used

  5. 1st Poster:
    a. Colourful background
    b. Multiple pictures
    c. Sufficient explanation
    2nd Poster
    a. Black background with good contrast
    b. Interesting shape of text
    c. Example image to show main point

  6. Poster 1:
    -Nice background, relates to product
    -Simple font, easy to read
    -Many pictures

    Poster 2:
    -Blank background, contrasts with coloured text
    -Interesting title colour and font
    -Shape of text is a chair, quite creative

  7. Poster 1:
    -neat, a lot of useful information
    -appropriate background of plants
    -some visual pictures
    Poster 2:
    -the words are shaped like a chair
    -black background with bright coloured words
    -title is attractive

  8. 1st poster
    1. Organised and neat
    2. Easy to read.
    3. Nice background.

    2nd poster
    1. Good colour contrast, makes the words easy to read
    2. Good creativity for using words to form a chair.
    3. Simple yet easy to understand.

  9. 1st
    -Good translucent background with SST logo
    -Info well-organised
    -Not too wordy, pictures included

    -Title font and design matches with theme of product
    -A bit too wordy
    -Used words to form a chair figure (creativity)

  10. 1st:
    1. Words are easy to read
    2. Pictures are included and are clear
    3. Colour of background creates contrast

    1. Good use of colour contrast
    2. Words are shaped like a chair
    3. Words are small and hard to read

  11. 1
    Good amount of pictures
    contrast to the background is well done
    words are easily readable

    Use mostly two colours
    The words are placed in a chair shape
    Use a interesting way to present information