Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Comment on Digital Poster (Reg 13 - 24)

Please state 3 points on the poster below. It can be good or bad points.


  1. The way they present the points is good, you can compress paper and plastic bag but there is a problem you cannot compress some bags

  2. 1.Good use of colour
    2.Good use of bold for emphasis
    3.Good use of language.

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  4. There is not a lot of description.
    The design is not good.
    Some words are in bold and some aren't.

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  6. Not very attractive as it has a plain white background
    A diagram of the product is too small to be seen
    It is good as the information about the product are detailed and a scenario is given to give an example of the product's usefulness

  7. Good colours which are attractive.
    They bold words which are important.
    They design of the thing is not good and uneven

  8. 1) I do not feel that there are attractive language features in this poster.
    2) The colour scheme is very bold. This makes the poster better or less so depending on opinion. Personally, I do not like the colour scheme.
    3) The yellow part uses bold well to emphasise. However, the orange and red parts are completely in bold, reducing the effect of the bold words in the yellow section.

  9. 1. The way to points are organised is quite good.
    2. The colour used for the points can attract attention
    3. The background is too plain

  10. -Poster is very dull
    -Too wordy
    -Boxes are too big, picture is too small

  11. Good use of Bold font to make the information stand out.
    Bad use of spacing
    Good use of colour to make the different sections stand out to their own parts.