Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I&E Lesson Week 8 26 Feb Summary

Risk to Homo Sapiens existence: Joshua, Prateek, Kai Heng and Yew Chong
We are the cause of our own downfall. We should look at our extinct evolutionary cousins to learn from their mistakes and prevent our existence.

Global Warming: Johan, Wai Yan, Jin Yu and Min Quan
Humans are the cause of global warming. We can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases by using compact fluorescent tubes instead of light bulbs or practicing the 3rs at home and in school, among other examples.

What We Learnt
Use attribute listing to list the properties of your ideas.
After that, use ALOU (Advantages Limitations Overcome limitations Unique features) to narrow down your ideas and help you to select the best idea.

Finish the Attribute Listing spreadsheet Mr lam has emailed to you in your groups.

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