Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Thing we learnt in today's lesson.

I&E Presentation skills:
-Stand confidently when presenting.
-There must be a "Aha" moment in your slides to capture your audience's attention.
-Key things should be bolded and made big as you want people to remember it.
-Should be prepared at the presentation day;no last minute changes,it reflects bad on your part.
-No repeating of sentences in the presentation slides.
-If you are making a presentation as a group,you should work on it together.You can divide the jobs among yourself and at the last ,when everyone is done editing on their part,they should come together and organise the presentation slides.
-Use words as minimum as possible.Use pictures to describe your thoughts instead.

-Master the message.
-Create insanely great experiences.
-Say no to a 1000 things.
-Sell dreams not products.

Tips from Steve Jobs's life and his company:
-Kick start your brain.
-Think differently.Eg.from your customer's point of view.
-Quality of things,should be changed till they satisfy you.
-Expose yourself to broad and different experiences.
-Try to relate things that you see around yourself to real life.
-Be focused to one thing at a time.
-Keep your innovation simple yet creative,for people to use them easily.

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