Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Things We Learnt (19 Fe

Thing we learnt today:
You never know what can happen in the future. For example, your bones being replaced with bones made of rubber bands so we can be better in sports.
The potential of what we can do it unlimited.

The problems we face in Singapore:
~Jobs: Not enough jobs in Singapore for Singaporeans.
~Housing: Not enough living space for people.
~Foreign talent: Slag Singaporeans, they starts their own companies and employ their own rationality
~Transport: trains and buses can be very crowded during peak hours.
~Cost of living: Expenses increase
~Social Unrest: Riots, litters

By categorising, we are creating HOTSPOTS.
Hotspots help us to identify problems.

When we give a solution to a problem, 
the solution might be your next bigger problem.
There is no no proper solution to a complex problem.

"Stop thinking about your problems and start thinking about your solution."
What do you think about this phrase? Think about it and answer it in a blog post by the weekend.

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